Saturday, December 27, 2008

An Ode to Blank Books

Last night the customer traffic at Borders slowed down so I took a break from being a personal book shopper and cashier and ducked into the warehouse to sort boxes. One of the other supervisors and I were organizing a mountain of gifts and stationary boxes, which contained a lot of beautiful blank journals. We got into a discussion about our quirks with writing in blank books. I’ve always been very particular about which blank books I buy and which purposes I use them for after I buy them. Until this conversation, I thought I was alone with my obsession for blank books and their uses. Turns out there may be others of you like this out there, somewhere.

- I can’t buy/use a journal unless it speaks to me personally

- There are dozens of notebooks on the shelves at Borders (and other stores) that I think are beautiful (or cute, or fun) but they don’t speak to anything about me personally. So although I look at them nearly every time I pass the stationary shelf, I will never buy them.

- I need an exact purpose for writing in it before I start, and the purpose has to match the quality of the journal. For example, I couldn’t just start jotting random notes down in an expensive leather bound journal.

- I currently have about a dozen journals/blank books in my desk right now that have no writing in them because I have not yet found the perfect purpose for them. Yet I keep buying more to add to the collection.

- I also have several partially written in journals that have many very usable blank pages that I will probably never use because the notebook has already been tainted with another purpose.

- Most of my writing is done on the computer now, which may be another reason why I have so many blank books and nothing to write in them.

- If it is a really nice journal I'm writing in, I can only use my really nice fountain pen. (My obsession with pens is a completely separate issue that I may write about at a later date.)

Blank notebooks represent, to me, endless hope and possibility. You never know what will end up on those pages.

Any other notebook quirks to add?


Anonymous said...

OK, Anne.This is your older Cuz, Alan.
Actually 1st time I've "blogged", so I owe it to you. Here is my "unusual" take on blank books. I have scrapbooked for over 50 yrs. I have entire closests full of "year-by-year" books on baseball & pro-football. I can actually identify my oldest book as having newspaper clippings/pictures from the 1956 NFL championship game (New York vs Chicago)! I was a "wee lad" at that time but have kept it up. Went to Wagman's this AM to pickup a Baltimore Sun (newspaper) to get all the stories on my team's (Raven's) win over the Dolphins. This will go into my 2008 NFL scrapbook. Anyway thought you might get a "chuckle" out of my hobby & blank books! Cuz Alan

Anne Greenawalt said...

Hi Alan!

I'm glad I could get you blogging. Thanks for posting. You must have a lot of scrapbooks if you've been keeping clippings since 1956!

It was nice to see you guys for brunch the other day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anne:
Good to see you too last Saturday. We had a great time looking at old photos (some predate 1900) & spending time with the Cousins.......
Cuz Alan