Saturday, January 31, 2009

Highlights Foundation Workshop

I just found out that I'll be attending one of the Highlights Foundation Workshops! How exciting is that?? ("Highlights" as in the children’s magazine). The workshop I applied for is called Year in the Spotlight: Author Opportunities After Publication, and focuses on helping writers self-promote and market their writing.

While studying for my BA and MA in Creative Writing, I honed my creative writing skills, learned about the publishing process, listened to tips on how to get an agent. But one thing I never learned was what to do with my book once it is published. I could be writing the greatest novel in the world, but if I don’t know how to promote it, no one will ever read it. So, I'm hoping to learn a lot from the workshop.

From March 10-15 I will be in Honesdale, PA liaising with other writers and learning how to sell my book.

Click the link for information on other Highlights Foundation Workshops.

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