Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Staying Motivated - One Writer's Struggle

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just cannot get motivated to write. I try to write every day but sometimes I'm lucky to write once or twice a week. I'm too busy, or too tired, or can’t think of anything to write about.

Sometimes I have to easy myself into the writing process slowly. I’ve noticed my slow transition from regular-everyday-Anne-mode into Anne’s-writing-mode.

· I’ll turn on my computer then go do something else in another room.

· Then I’ll come back to my computer and open a blank word document (or the document that I want to work on) and then I’ll leave the room again.

· After a little while, I’ll come back to my desk, look at the word document, and then maybe check my e-mail (which I probably had just checked 5 minutes earlier).

· When there’s nothing left to respond to in my inbox, I’ll return to the word document and read over the last paragraph, maybe even make a few minor edits (ex: add or remove a comma).

· Next, I might check facebook to see if anyone has poked me or sent a message or posted anything new or put up an interesting status message.

· At this point, I either return to the word document, dig right into the writing, get lost in it for hours, or I decide I just can’t sit at my desk anymore so I leave my computer to start something completely different (like making a snack or reading a book or watching TV).

I find I go through this agonizing process more frequently when I haven’t written in awhile. When I get into the habit of writing every day, sitting down at the computer gets easier. It’s like Anne’s-writing-mode BECOMES regular-everyday-Anne-mode.

Eventually, one day, I hope the two modes will consistently be one and the same.

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Shawn Skvarna said...

You have no idea how much I do feel your pain, honey. When it comes to my artwork, somedays it's an uphill battle for me to even attempt to do anything after working on designs and production at the magazine all day. With writing I feel like I'm the new kid at school when I think of how many people I know who are writers or attempting to be writers. Sometimes I end up stopping myself before I even get started. Plus with all the goals I'm trying to accomplish, it never feels like there's enough time in my day to get into "creative mode" anymore. Instead I feel like I have to keep thinking up ways of making my goals reality (financially speaking). You do motivate me each time you tell me you got something published or worked on something new. It makes me hope that someday when my mind can stop making me go a mile a minute to solve my problems, maybe I can come to you and say I've managed to do something that I'm proud to share with you on a bigger scale, too.