Friday, January 16, 2009

Suite 101 Web Writing Experience

On Facebook, I kept seeing the ads to be a writer for Suite 101. I clicked on the ads a few times, browsed the website, considered applying to be a writer, which involved writing a few paragraphs about my background and writing experience and attaching a few 600 words or less articles. I applied several months ago but was not selected as a writer (I didn’t really have any proper non-fiction clips back then).

But on January 1st, 2009 I reapplied and was accepted as a writer on the Suite 101 website.

Ok, I thought, this is cool. It’s always good to be accepted somewhere, especially where my writing is involved. Then I started having my doubts. Is this site legit?

I did a Google search, as one is apt to do in this situation, to see if there were any red flags out there about Suite 101. The only negative comments I found about the site weren’t even all that negative – just saying that Suite 101 doesn’t pay writers very much. Well, that’s nothing new, is it?

Suite 101 provides loads of excellent resources about being a web writer, which is great for someone like me, who has little to no web writing experience. I never realized there was much of a difference between web and print writing, but I'm learning so much about it now.

I’ve published my first article for the website. It went through a screening process with the editor of the section I submitted it to. He gave me some helpful suggestions about keyword usage. I edited my article, re-submitted, and bam! It’s published!

You can view it here.

I’ve also added a link on the right hand sidebar. Every new article I publish will also appear on the sidebar. Feel free to take a look and leave comments! Let me know what you think.


WauloK said...

But what sort of money do you make?

Anonymous said...

any income since today?