Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time For Change

I’ve made the decision to relinquish all major responsibilities at Borders. I'm giving up my supervisor position and as soon as they find someone else to do it, I’ll be giving up the corporate sales gig, too. But I will still be a part time bookseller.

This is a HUGE relief!

Now I have time to plunge into my work as Editor-in-Chief of AND magazine, a publication for teens by teens in the Harrisburg area (http://andmagazine.org/index.cfm <== this hasn’t been updated in awhile but it will be soon). As part of my duties as Editor, I’ll be running a series of skills-based writing workshops at some local schools. I’ve been working on my creative writing lesson plans.

I will also have time to edit my novel!! This is something that seriously needs some work put into it now. I didn’t have much time to devote to it the past few weeks. Working retail over the holidays killed a little piece of my soul and zapped all of my creative energy. But I'm taking some time off from Borders and my creativeness is slowly being restored.

Part-time work at Borders also gives me more time to do some freelance writing. I’ve gradually been accumulating more of this. I’ve done articles for Harrisburg Magazine (http://skywardthought.com/~hbgmag/homepage.php <== I believe parts of this are also under construction).

Also, I'm doing a lot more work with my internship for WOW! Women on Writing (http://www.wow-womenonwriting.com/). Keep an eye on this site for lots of fun changes.

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