Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Writer's Patience

Being a writer requires a lot of patience.

It requires a lot of waiting.

You submit a story or an article for publication, and then … you wait. It may be days, it may be weeks, or months until you get either a rejection or an acceptance letter. Occasionally, the wait is only a few hours or a few minutes, but sometimes a few minutes or hours can feel like years.

A few weeks ago, I submitted my first round of edits for my novel to my agent. I did hear back from her today saying she has just started reading the edits and will get back to me soon, which is great. But that still requires just a little more waiting. And then I will probably have at least one if not more rounds of edits before we can send to a publisher. Then I have to wait to hear back from a publisher. Then (assuming one of the editors takes an interest) I will probably have to do more edits and resubmit them, which unleashes a whole new round of waiting. And then, with any luck, I will be approved for publication, which requires probably a year or more of waiting until I’d actually get to see the book in print.

But there is no way to speed up the process. During the long periods of waiting, I try to write new stories, post these little blog entries, pick up some freelance work. I try to make the most out of the in-between times – but sometimes I just want to know the fate of my novel, and sometimes I want to know right now.

But until I harness some omnipotent powers, I will just keep opening new word documents and keep writing.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,
Hang in there with the writing. You do need patience. My book took a couple of years and a bit to get out there. I was starting to feel like people I told about me having book published were starting to think I was full of it. It can be painstaking.... but worth it.