Saturday, April 4, 2009

Suite 101 Experience #2

Shortly after being accepted as a writer for Suite 101, I wrote two articles. After that, the excitement of being a web writer dwindled. Five days ago I received notice from Suite 101 that if I didn't write eight more articles in the next seven days, I would be in breach of contract and no longer be allowed to write for them.


So, what do I do? Write eight very quick articles and then try not to put off my next ten articles in the following three months? Or do I just let the opportunity slide? I mean, I've only accumulated about $3.97 since January - but that was mostly because I only had two articles. If I hang in there with Suite 101, I'd have an opportunity to become a feature writer, maybe, in which case my articles would be made more prominent and I'd receive slightly more money.

I've written three more articles since I received that notice. Now I need to write five more in three days. I don't know what to write about! I can write on just about any topic I want to. Anyone have any suggestions?


Nathan said...

Write about Peter, his experience, why he's great at what he does and why a writer needs to also become a public speaker. Never been to Suite 101, so not sure if this fits.

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

I like Nathan's idea!!! I was going to ask if you have a certain them or topic or if it is wide open. Do you focus on writing, books, sports, or just anything. Give me a little idea and I'll try to come up with some suggestions.

Anne Greenawalt said...

Thanks Nathan and Joyce!

I will try to work in some of those ideas as I attempt to write a couple more articles.

They can really be about anything, anything at all... which suprisingly makes this harder!