Monday, July 13, 2009

Curtis Sittenfeld Interview

I wish I could have the opportunity to interview Curtis Sittenfeld personally, but I have not (yet). I read her first book Prep a couple of years ago and loved it. It’s about a girl named Lee Fiora who goes to boarding school. Having gone to a boarding school myself, I could relate to much of the novel, and could feel all of the character’s awkward teenage moments in the pit of my gut.

Sittenfeld’s most recent book is American Wife, which is definitely on my “To Buy” list, which is elevated a notch above my “To Read” list. I am so confident that I will love American Wife as much as I loved Prep that I would like to own it and immortalize it on my bookshelf.

I’ve been reading more and more interviews with authors lately, and I ran into this old one with Sittenfeld, and wanted to post a link for it here. In the interview she touches on something I blogged about a couple months ago – the division of fiction and real life. Many people believed that Prep was autobiographical. After its publication she had to deflect many comments about being the real life Lee Fiora. I received many similar comments on my short story collection Growing Up Girl. Sittenfeld seems like someone I’d like to meet. And I cannot wait to get my copy of American Wife!

Interview with Curtis Sittenfeld

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