Friday, July 17, 2009

New Writing Project!

On December 1, 2007 John Ulsh and his family – wife, and two young children – were in a 135 mph head-on car collision. The driver of the other car died instantly, John’s wife and children were injured, and doctors only gave John a 3% chance of surviving. The litany of his injuries include four broken lumbar vertebrae, a broken coccyx, a ruptured spleen, a ruptured diaphragm, a collapsed lung, a shattered pelvis, a fractured foot, and countless cuts that needed to be sewn together.

He took that 3% chance and ran with it.

The above list of injuries doesn’t even include the post-surgical complications that happened weeks or months after the accident.

Only a year and a half later he is walking, driving, and working again, keeping a full schedule, and saving time to spend with his family. I don't know how he does it all while still physcially and mentally recovering. As of a year ago, he has been coping completely without the doctor-perscribed narcotics.

And now John and I are working together to write a book about his experience – the accident, the recovery, the support of his family, friends and doctors, and his own determination.

A few months ago, John, who is a friend and client of my dad’s, was in my dad’s office and mentioned that he wanted to write about his accident but didn’t know where to start. My dad gave John my business card and told him to give me a call. And then over a cup of tea at Starbucks, John told me his story and asked if I was interested. I said I definitely was.

We’ve been working on this since the end of May…more updates to follow.

If you go to John’s website and click the “real person” tab, you will find more information about John as well as some news stories about his accident and recovery.

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Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Wow! That is just powerful! John and you sound like a terrific team.

You can SO do this!!

All the best to the two of you.