Friday, November 13, 2009

A Writer and Her Odd Jobs

One day – you know the day I mean, I think everyone has (or had) that "one day" in the distant future when their life is great because they're rich/famous/successful – I’ll look back on this time of my life and laugh. I'm not laughing yet, though.

I'm holding down three part time jobs to make ends meet and support myself while I write. But ironically with three part time jobs I have little time and energy left to write, hence the hiatus of blog posts these past few weeks. I know I am not the only writer who has ever taken on jobs I don’t really want or don’t match up to my educational qualifications just to support myself so I can make advances towards my true passion – writing. But some days, after I get home from working 6am to 6pm, and I'm too tired to cook dinner, I do feel frustrated.

One of the teachers at the University of East Anglia where I completed my MA in Creative Writing told us about the jobs he held before he became a published writer and lecturer in creative writing. On the back of his first novel, Pig, it says: “Andrew Cowan was born in Scotland. He has worked as a postman, printer, oral historian, janitor and librarian. This is his first novel.” I like this description, and I think about it every time I get frustrated that I have all of these odd jobs instead of a bunch of published novels.

I suppose that these jobs are giving me life experience and teaching me life lessons that will strengthen my character and my writing. And one of my jobs is as an assistant college swimming coach, which I do really enjoy. So it’s not all bad. But my life now is a far cry from how I imagined it would be while I was completing my BA and MA degrees in Creative Writing. I thought I could spend all day every day just hanging out at my desk, writing my generation’s next set of great novels. Ha.

So one day, when I am published, I will look back on my hard work and frustration of today and smile.


Laurie said...

There's another novel in this (day) somewhere!!

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

I agree with Laurie your present struggle will inform a future story. Meanwhile, I admire your persistence.

Here's wishing you a few hours to write this weekend.

Hmmmm My public TV station is advertsing a program called the Rise and Fall of Sparta!!! It will be on Tuesday evening. You might want to check your local listings! Freaky that it came on while I was commenting on your blog.