Monday, January 4, 2010

Video Editing – A Writer’s Perspective

This holiday season I took a semi-break from writing and tried my hand at video editing instead.

About 4 or 5 years ago my parents’ VCR broke and they didn’t bother getting a new one because they had a DVD player instead.  But over the past year or two I’ve heard them talk about our family’s old home videos and how they wished they could watch them again.  My brother and I both were competitive swimmers for years and years and they filmed many of our most prestigious races (as well as some of our worst defeats) and they wanted to re-live the glory days of our swimming careers.  There are also a decades worth of Christmases, baseball and softball games, birthdays, and school programs (both my brother and I played a rapping Santa). 

I figured out how to convert these old videos and have spent hours upon hours converting this footage from analog to digital so I can burn it to DVDs.  I got really into it and made these little music video/montage scenes, one of me and one of my brother, of our swimming careers. 

My experience as a writer and editor helped me as I tried to make these swimming montages.  I mean, I could have just spliced a bunch of clips and bunched them together to make a video.  But the writer/storyteller in me needed to have story to tell with the clips.  For both montages I had the beginning/middle/end as the beginning, middle and ends of races.  For mine, I had a video of me taking a swim lesson when I was 3, so I interspersed those clips with clips of me looking like a pro.  For a first attempt at video editing, I think it turned out really well. 

Here’s just a small clip from my swimming lesson.  Enjoy!


Emily Bone said...

I want to see the rapping santa one!

Anonymous said...

I think that is hilarious!

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Too cute!

So now you'll be all set to create your book trailer! Yay!

Anne Greenawalt said...

Yes, I will be all set to create my book trailer! I've been thinking about that. And I'm hoping to take a film/documentary class within the next year, which would probably help, too.