Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Audiobooks While Driving

My commute to grad school in Shippensburg is about 45 minutes each way.  Not bad, but it gets boring.  It cuts into my reading time.  So I figured the perfect solution was to borrow an audiobook from the library.  Then I could get in my “reading” time while commuting!  (Being super busy causes you to develop cool little time savers/condensers like this.)

The library selection of audiobooks was slim, mostly consisting of mystery and romance novels, which I never to rarely read, so why would I want to listen to them?  I needed something literary in quality.  I also needed something that was unabridged.  Why put in the time an effort for only part of the story?

I selected A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. 

“Why would you get something literary to listen to in the car?” my dad asked.  “You can’t follow that kind of story and concentrate on driving.”  (or something to that effect)

Monday morning I got in the car for my morning commute, loaded the first 5 of 11 discs into my car’s CD player and pressed play.  About 25 minutes into the drive, about the time I hit 81S in Carlisle with all the trucks merging and everyone else going at least ten miles over the speed limit except for that one odd car going five under and ruining the whole system, I realized I had no idea what was going on in the story. 

The time frame was all over the place, characters appeared that hadn’t been introduced.  I thought maybe the narrative structure of this book was ultra-complex.  Or maybe my dad was right – I couldn’t listen to literary fiction AND drive. 

But then, just past Carlisle, I realized that my CD player was on random, which jumbled all the scenes!   Ha ha. 

I have since taken it off random.  My commutes have been much more pleasurable and seemingly quicker ever since.  


Alpha Za said...

Legendary. The only guy I ever met who used audio books did so because it was some religious mind washing technique

Anne Greenawalt said...

za - i see that as a topic of an upcoming blog post for you...