Friday, March 5, 2010

Toasted Cheese Literary Journal

I have another short story published. YAY!

It can be found in the Toasted Cheese Literary Journal.

My story is called "Jenny's Apartment."

I don't know where I originally got the idea for this story. I was flipping through old word documents a few months ago and found an interesting fragment that I wrote years ago. I turned that fragment into this story.

Enjoy :-)


Alpha Za said...

Read the story, I loved it, makes me wonder what mementos that I keep?

Emily Bone said...

Well done Anne, good work! And good story too.

I was wondering, when you get stories published on online magazines, does that mean you can't enter them into competitions anymore or do they still count as 'unpublished' unless they're in print?

Hope you're well! x

Anne Greenawalt said...

Hi Emily!

When stories are published in online magazines, that still counts as being published, so that usually means you can't publish them in other magazines/journals that do not accept previously published stories. Although, sometimes the submission guidelines for mags/journals say differently, so always read them thoroughly.

Thanks for reading! Hope you're doing well and writing a lot!