Sunday, May 30, 2010

What Is Art?

My photography class has opened my eyes to a whole new realm of art.  I love it.  Although I have owned a digital camera for 6+ years, I never learned about all the different settings and how they could change or improve my photos.  I always just did the point-and-shoot method.  Now I know how to make minor adjustments on my point-and-shoot camera to make the pictures 100 times better.  I've always loved photography as an art medium, but taking this class definitely helps me appreciate it more.

I do not see myself becoming a professional photographer, but I can definitely see photography becoming a new hobby.  It sparks my creativity in new ways.  It will fuel my writing.  It has already given me knew ideas.

My photography professor said that the role of the photographer is to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.  This is the exact same thing my feature writing professor said last semester.  So this has become my new definition for art.


Mia J said...

Anne, I took photography in undergrad because it was required for my major. I was also amazed at how there was so much more to photography than pointing and clicking. I enjoyed the class, but it was hard. We had to learn how to use those old fashioned cameras, develop, and print photos too.

Anne Greenawalt said...

Hey Mia,
Photography is difficult! I've only learned digital photography, so I'm sure that wasn't as hard as using the old cameras, developing and printing photos. I did get to learn all about Photoshop, which was hard in a different kind of way, but really fun! Do you still do any photography?