Thursday, July 15, 2010

Writing for the Examiner

A new friend told me about the Examiner and how he made a few extra bucks a month writing for them, so I thought I’d give it a try. The Examiner can be described as a news site broken into general categories within specific regions/cities.

I applied for the Harrisburg Literature Examiner position, and after a short application, submitting a bio, photo, tax form and background check form, I got the thumbs up to post my first Examiner article!

Writers for the Examiner get paid based on the quality of their readership, which is based on number of clicks on each article, the number of followers the writer has, the number of comments on the articles, etc.

Having written for other sites like Suite 101 (which I've written about in more detail here, here and here) and Demand Studios, I think this payment set-up seems fair. However, this is only my first day working for the Examiner so I might be speaking too soon. But Suite 101 pays only based on how many people click on the ads around your article and has nothing to do with the quality or readership of your articles. Demand Studios system is better than Suite 101’s because they pay you a flat rate for each article you write. They have semi-strict guidelines and don’t pay much, but the instant gratification of a few extra bucks is definitely a perk.

So if you’d like to get information about books and literature events, and you would like to support the arts (and me!) check out my page with the Examiner, leave some comments and follow my articles. Thanks!

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