Friday, August 27, 2010

This Is What A Young Feminist Looks Like Blog Carnival

I'm participating in the "This Is What A Young Feminist Looks Like Blog Carnival" hosted by the Fair and Feminist Blog to raise awareness of all the young women who are afraid to call themselves feminists.

I'm proud to call myself a feminist, even if it's a term that often gets mistaken for "man-hater" or "bra-burner" or "militant bitch" (which are just not true).

Some people think that feminist is an outdated, unnecessary or obsolete word.  Ideally, I hope that one day everyone (men and women) can call themselves feminists, in which case the word would become obsolete.  But until then, I hang this badge proudly.

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That one guy said...


But seriously, you said what a feminist isn't, but you didn't really clarify what a feminist is.

Moriah said...

Great post! :) I'm glad to meet other young feminists.

Anne Greenawalt said...

Hi Moriah! Thanks for the message - it's always good to hear from other feminists!

"That one guy" - The purpose of this post was not to define feminism. If you want more info about feminism, I suggest reading the Ms. Magazine blog or Feministing. (btw, I know who you are!)