Friday, December 17, 2010

The Daughter Project

Me and Mom in Greece
The Daughter Project (The Mother-Daughter Edition)

Every woman is a daughter!

The mother-daughter relationship plays an integral role in every woman’s life. This relationship, or lack of it, helps to determine how women view themselves as women. Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom, writes, “Though I acknowledge that the culture at large plays a significant role in our views of ourselves as women, ultimately the beliefs and behavior of our individual mothers exert a far stronger influence.”

I believe every woman has a story (or two) about her mother, or a mother-like figure, that describes how the relationship has shaped her life – for the better and/or worse. I want to discover the stories of mother-daughter duos across the nation as well as explore my relationship with my own mother. My mom and I will traverse the nation via Amtrak to meet with other mother-daughter duos and conduct in-depth interviews with these women.

Your Help is Appreciated!
In order to do this, we need your help! We know some mother-daughters in the cities we will visit, but we would like to be introduced to more. We are accepting nominations for mother-daughter duos in the following cities:

Salt Lake City
San Francisco
Los Angeles
San Antonio
New Orleans

If you know any mother-daughter pairs in these cities that you think would be interested in meeting with us and sharing their stories, or if you know anyone in these cities who might be able to connect us with mother-daughter duos, please let me know. Please respond with their names, e-mail address, and/or phone number. Also, let them know that you nominated them and that I might contact them to schedule a date and time for the interview.

Other Mother-Daughter Duos

Do you and your mother and/or daughter have an interesting story?  Or do you know dynamic mother-daughter duos in cities other than the ones listed above? 

Contact me about them, too!  We'd love to hear any and all mother-daughter stories!

Contact Information

For more information, check out the posts on my blog labeled “The Daughter Project.” If you have any questions about the project or the mother-daughter nomination process, please contact me. If you know my e-mail address/phone number, please use them.  If you do not, please use the contact form on my Web site.

Thank you for your help! I’ll look forward to hearing from some of you soon.

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