Monday, January 31, 2011

Mother/Daughter Travel Update: Cross Country via Amtrak

Mom and I are finally making some concrete travel plans for The Daughter Project cross-country trip!

A few weeks ago, she mentioned how stressful it will be to drive through cities like Chicago or Los Angeles. I admitted that I do not like driving in general. So she said:

“We should travel cross-country by train.”

Cross Country via Amtrak
 Train is my preferred method of transportation: it is a nice mixture of comfort, speed, and affordability. It would prevent us from having to drive through cities. I could write, blog, and do more work on The Daughter Project while traveling. And we have never stayed in a train’s sleeping car before, which sounds like an experience we can’t miss.

The only negative to this solution: we have to plan our days of travel well in advance, which makes us lose our travel flexibility. This would be fine if we were traveling solely for vacation, but losing flexibility here might mean losing out on potential mother-daughter interviews.

Last Monday, we visited a travel agent at our local AAA to get more information about cross-country train travel.

Yesterday, Mom and I sat down with bowls of Pad Thai and a map of the Amtrak train routes across the country and set a tentative schedule that takes us from Harrisburg, PA to San Francisco, CA and back. The trip will last approximately three weeks.

Want to know which cities we’ll stop in along the way?

Wait for some updates in the near future because our initial itinerary may change. If you have any suggestions for must-see cities, let us know!

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Rana said...

This is awesome! I have traveled across Europe alone, and now that I am a new Mom, I would love to do it with my family! Can't wait to hear everything!