Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mother/Daughter Travel Update: Mom's preparing for train travel

written by Laurie, my mom

I am already planning our adventure. Our first priority was contacting the travel agent, Maryann, who has always done a great job for us when we go to unknown territory. We now have a down payment on a new adventure. The train itinerary was difficult to read, so I couldn't wait to go get my travel journal to put it all in perspective! I have used moleskin journals on past trips. I like them because they come in all sizes and you can choose plain, lined or graphed pages. And the best feature is the accordion pocket in all of them. When I got home with my new treasure, I immediately sat down and drew the May 2011 calendar and wrote in our itinerary. Boy, does that ever look like FUN! (and grueling! LOL)

My next thoughts went to travel gear. Do I really want to use a wheeled carry-on for as many times as we are getting on and off the train...steps and all the walking?

My nephew Matty is a seasoned train traveler. After a lengthy discussion with him, I am nearly convinced that I will be investing in a travel backpack. He tells me that if fitted properly, that most of the weight will sit on the hips. Sounds good to me. Also packing is a breeze with "stuff bags". They come in colors and you can color coordinate your clothes...long sleeve tee's in one, toiletries in one, trousers in one...well, you get the picture. I am hoping that the pack I get will fit in the compartment outside the sleeping car.

Deciding which clothes to take will be a problem for me. I love my variety, but apparently it will be like being pregnant again and you end the trip hating your three shirts that you owned for the ride!

And SHOES! Come on girls...I need several pairs when I go away, cut me a break! "Sorry Aunt Laur, but it's not a fashion show!" Ok, ok, one pair of comfy walking shoes and sandals.

How hard can this be? I will pack light, I will pack light, I will pack light. You know I have to leave some room for souvenirs!

Stay tuned.

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