Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thoughts on Traveling Cross Country with Mom

I'm a big picture kind of person. I get ideas like, “Let’s travel across country” “Let’s interview mother-daughters across the nation” “Maybe I’ll write a book about this” and then assume all the little details will fall into place as I work towards those big ideas.

Mom and Me in Italy

Mom is a details person. She keeps asking questions like, “What happens if we miss one of our trains?” “What kind of bags do I need?” “What if we don’t connect with any mother-daughters in some of the cities?”

This is why we will travel well together: she fills in the gaps in my plan and/or I tied a bow around all of her details.

We’ve been talking about what kind of bags to bring because we’ll have them with us all the time. I said I would absolutely not bring a bag on wheels – that would be a huge pain. I want to bring my school backpack filled with my communications tools (computer, camera, video camera, etc) and a shoulder bag with a few changes of clothes and toiletries. I figure I won’t need to pack many clothes because I can just wash them and re-wear them as we go along.

Me and Mom in Greece
Mom, at first, thought she wanted a bag on wheels until my cousin Matt talked her out of it, so now she’s thinking about a hiking backpack. That could be a good idea. She also thinks she wants to pack a lot of Under Armor-type of clothes because they’re easy to wash and dry quickly. I won’t know what to pack until I start throwing clothes in a bag at the end of April.

Mom keeps asking, “Do you think we’ll kill each other by the end of May?”

But we have already traveled together – we spent two weeks in Italy and another two in Greece – and didn’t kill each other. We’ll be going across country for three weeks…could that extra week make the difference in the kill-factor? Ha ha.

Questions: Would you be able to travel across country and back with your mother (or daughter) without killing each other? What would you pack to go cross country by train? How many pairs of shoes would you suggest? What type of bag would you use?


ANONYmaS said...

A sturdy, modestly sized backpack. Comfy sneakers & flip-flops. A good book, some magazines, mp3 player & 2 decks of cards. Would love to take the train around the country!

P.S. Your cousin Matt sounds like a pretty great guy!

Anne Greenawalt said...

Yeah, my cousin Matt is a pretty cool guy - we wish he could come with us! ;-)

Thanks for the packing tips - we want to travel as light as possible.

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

My mom would be unable to do this and definitely not up for the adventure. But I could do it with my daughter. She would go crazy waiting on me and I would get annoyed with her tapping her feet with impatience because I am not ready when it is time to leave. It might not be a good idea but we would love each other throughout and have an amazing time!