Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pre-travel Traveling with Mom

Mom and I had a chance to travel together during my spring break (even though it seems ridiculous admitting to having a spring break in my mid-late 20s), not for The Daughter Project, but to visit my brother and his baby girl - my niece.  She's about six months old and this is the first chance I had to meet her!

So now that I've drawn you in with the cute factor, I can talk a bit more about our trip.  While out in Portland, Oregon, we took advantage of stores like REI, Columbia, and North Face to check out durable, easy-to-wash gear for extensive train travel.  I guess it's not like we're going for weeks without a shower or washer/dryer, but we will be going several days at a time without them and we will be packing as few clothes as possible, so it's best that they are durable and easy-to-wash.

I've also started contacting some people for interviews in our destination cities!  And in some cases, people have started contacting me for interviews!  Some of the stories and relationships they've mentioned with mothers and grandmothers are shaping up to be very exciting...I can't wait!

It has also occurred to me that we'll be departing in less than two months, and I still have a lot of work to do to get everything set up and to make sure we have contacts in each city. 

If you are a mother-daughter located in one of our destination cities and would like to be interviewed, or you know mother-daughters in our destination cities, please contact me!

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