Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today’s Google News Headlines for Mother-Daughters

Alabama mother, daughter are indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit murder for hire

“BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — Authorities say a federal grand jury has indicted a mother and daughter from Shelby County who are accused of conspiring in a 2009 murder-for-hire plot targeting the daughter's ex-husband.”

Katy Perry - Katy Perry's Mother Mary Perry Causes Stir With Tell All

“"California Dreams" artist Katy Perry's evangelist mother Mary Perry Hudson caused a stir last week when it was alleged that she was writing a tell-all about her daughter. Katy's mother and father are both Christian evangelists and are allegedly embarrassed by Katy Perry's overt sexuality.”

Mother who held police at bay released from jail

“DETROIT— A Detroit mother who refused to let police and Child Protective Services workers take custody of her 13-year-old daughter has been released from jail after a judge lowered her bond.”

Mother, teen daughter die in McAlester fire

“McALESTER — Students and teachers in the McAlester Public Schools are mourning a high school junior who died in an overnight fire that also killed her mother and injured her father and young sister.”

Cocaine, a middle-class mother and the daughter who saved her from destruction

“The bedroom door swung open to reveal a female figure huddled over a wooden chest of drawers. Try as she might to hide the evidence, the tell-tale trail of white powder and tightly rolled £20 note had already been spotted.

‘I’ve only done it a couple of times,’ she stammered. ‘It’s under control. Please don’t tell Dad.’”

Mother-Daughter Duo Suspected of Child Prostitution

“Homewood police say 51-year-old Alicia Ann Abram and her daughter, 30-year-old Amber Michelle Abram are responsible for abusing a male relative, under the age of twelve.

Police believe the young boy was sodomized, sexually abused, and forced into prostitution.”

Mother-daughter duo accused of attacking elderly Wal-Mart greeter due in court

“ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - UPDATE: The mother-daughter duo accused of attacking an elderly greeter at Wal-Mart appeared in court on Wednesday."


Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Anne, your website and Mother Daughter Project look great! I've got some catching up to do!

I know you have an agent or did anyway - just in case you are looking I thought of you and Sparta when I saw this contest -

Anne Greenawalt said...

Hi Joyce!

Great to hear from you, and thanks for the info on the contest - I'll definitely check it out.

I did have an agent, but she quit the industry awhile ago and I haven't found a new one yet. Most agents tell me they're only looking for contemporary YA right now.