Sunday, April 10, 2011

Preparing to Walk with 30 lbs on Her Back

(written by Laurie, Anne's mom)

photo by Michal Marcol

My favorite saying of late is, “stand on a star and look down.” I can only hope to constantly remind myself of this as I prepare for a month long trip.

My shopping adventure for a backpack started with calls to local sporting good stores, Dicks, Eastern Mountain Sports, Cabellas and finally REI. I definitely wanted a pack that had a side loader as I can’t imagine the inconvenience of a top load. Our closest REI store is located in Timonium, MD. Last Sunday I decided to make the trek down to see what they had. Husband Mike, deep into tax season, decided he wanted to go along. Great, I thought…company for me and a break from work for him! We decided to take our dog Cody with us. Our trip went well until I started to talk about Sunday’s service that morning which was about friendship. I started telling him about it and then went into my own philosophy and spiritually. I glanced over to see if Mike was listening and he was ASLEEP! How hilarious! Am so glad Cody was still listening!

We had a very nice associate help me with choosing the right pack. What I thought I was going to purchase from prior research was a pack suited for outdoor walking and camping. The sales associate led me in another direction and showed me a pack by REI that was really a suitcase for your back. She loaded one with pillows and sandbags and strapped it on me! It was about thirty pounds. Not too bad, until I squatted down to pick up something. Geewhiz I thought, I’ll NEVER get back up!! Pretending like it was nothing, I stood up.

I did buy this pack. It has side and top load. The best feature for me is a detachable day pack that is also a backpack! Also has a rain proof cover with drawstrings that can be used to store it without having zippers out for greedy pick pockets. There is also a section on the bottom to keep shoes separate and a smaller section on the top of the pack to keep toiletries.

I’ve decided to include lunges in my next workout. AND I am hoping I don’t put Anne to sleep on our trip!

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