Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Angels on the Tracks

Picture by renjith krishnan
written by Laurie, Anne's mom

A few words to the angels we meet on the journey. 

I am forever grateful for the people I meet.  Some I know. Some I just cross paths and remember a kindness. 

My first angel was Mike.  He welcomed our opportunity to travel the states.  He is forever gracious in his thinking and offering any support I’ve needed from preparation to meltdowns to hearing of fun things we’ve seen.

It was late when we arrived in Pittsburgh, PA and we had a four-hour layover.  We were hungry so we started walking the dark streets near the train station.  The first place we came to was the Golden Palace Buffet.  It was ten minutes to nine and they were about to close.  They welcomed us in, told us not to hurry and fed us a warm meal.

The angels on the California Zephyr #5 heading from our boarding station at Salt Lake City to San Francisco had a long journey ahead of them as they were already 8 hours late to pick us up.  We needed an extra night in Salt Lake City (no hardship there!) because of the delay.  The staff (trained well) kept the passengers happy and remained pleasant in spite of all the setbacks. They even served an unscheduled meal while running out of food.

The shuttle drivers at the Loews Hotel, Denver and the Plaza Hotel, Salt Lake City went out of their way to get us where we needed to go.

The angels making the Daughter Project work are those mother/daughter duos who are taking time from their busy schedules to reflect on their lives together.  We never met them before our interviews and all are so happy to weave stories of their lives for us.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t include my angel contacts that helped introduce our duos.  Thank you angels Micki, Linnea, Linda, Charlie and Beth.

Anne is my favorite angel. 

And there are other angels I have yet to meet.

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