Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 3 Question: What do you like best about being a daughter?

What do you like best about being a daughter?

My favorite time of being a daughter was in my late 20s and 30s.  Mom and I did a lot together.  I learned a lot of cooking techniques and we had fun in the kitchen. We went to market, we went antiquing, and we went to visit her old friends and relatives.  I also enjoyed sharing Mark and Anne with her.  She just loved them so much!  I feel blessed we lived so close they could be a part of their grandchildren’s lives. 

I am also glad I was able to help my parents as they aged.  The roles reversed and respecting their wishes became a challenge.  I hope I did so with grace even though my heart was pulled apart at times. 

 Mom and I were good friends, even though she would say she wasn’t my friend, she was my mother.  I am beginning to realize what she meant.  For her, she didn’t want to lose being that mother figure.  For me, I have enjoyed my friendship with my children. 

The best part of being a daughter is relishing in the goodness of my mother, and evolving into the type of person and type of mother that I want to be. 

I enjoy, and appreciate, having all of the support that both of my parents have given me my entire life.  They’ve encouraged me to be the best I can be and have supported me every step of the way.  I'm not sure I would have accomplished all of the things I have accomplished so far - my swimming career, graduating from some of the best schools in the country, going on this trip - if it wasn’t for their support and encouragement. We have a lot of memories because we spent a lot of time together when my brother and I were growing up, and we all enjoy recounting those memories when we get together, many of which revolve around old swim team stories.

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