Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 5 Question - Do mothers or daughters have to be brave?

Mom and I attempted to video our answers to this questions, but the video did not sync up with the audio, so I have just uploaded the audio for your listening pleasure.

Join our conversation - do mothers, or daughters, or both have to be brave?


april lee said...

Hey Anne --
I just saw your story in The Sentinel today (I was off for a few days, so I was behind in reading). We had Carrie Sipes' research class together last semester. What a great project! It's really fun to read along about your journey -- I look forward to more posts.
Safe travels!
April Trotter

Anne Greenawalt said...

Hi April!
Thanks for letting me know you saw the article, and I'm so glad that you're following us on the blog! Please feel free to post any questions/comments/suggestions along the way. Good to hear from you!