Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 7 Question - What is your favorite moment together?

What is your favorite moment together?

Define moment?: “An indefinitely short period of time. An instant. A definite period or stage as in a course of events.”

So here are my favorite moments:

Watching you sleep
Reading to you
You reading to me
Cuddling in bed
Sharing tears when Lynne died
Meeting at IAD when you got home from England
Expressing yourself on your first trip to meet Poppy
Anytime we talk with openness
Happiness when you accomplish goals like breaking a minute in the 100 free
Dinner at Garfield’s when you were working at Mercersburg camps
Visitation in Hamilton when you were stressed from school
Shopping for fun things that make you happy
Sitting next to you in silence

I have lots of little moments I remember when I think of my mom, like the sound of her keys jingling and echoing down the hall when she came to pick me up at elementary school, the sight of her maroon Bravada and then the white Honda Accord parked on the side street when she picked me up at middle school and I was so relieved I didn’t have to ride the bus, and listening to that weird "Art School Girlfriend" song by Stone Temple Pilots on repeat in her car when I was about 12 years old.  I always liked coming home on school breaks and mom would make all of my favorite foods, like macaroni and cheese and carrot cake and baked chicken.  I also liked when she came to visit me at school and whisked me away for the afternoon to a restaurant of my choice or to go shopping.  It was always such a relief to leave campus, take a break, and have her take care of me for a few hours. 

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