Saturday, May 7, 2011

Four Things That Worry My Mom About Our Train Trip

While waiting for the photographer to arrive at my mom’s house yesterday to photograph us for an article in the Sentinel, the Carlisle newspaper (!), mom told me some of the things that worry her about our trip.

1.      The trains will run out of food, especially on one of our 12 hour trips.

2.      The train will fall off a cliff when we’re in the Denver area.

3.      The train will be bombed by terrorists.

4.      The train will be bombed by terrorists and then fall off a cliff in the Denver area.

I am also worried that the train will run out of food.  I can get pretty cranky if I don’t eat at regular intervals, and mom knows this.  So, I’ve packed a cranky-prevention kit filled with peanut butter granola bars, nut clusters, and homemade dried fruit (made by Dan, who also knows I get cranky when I don’t eat.)
Pears and watermelon about to be dehydrated

Leaving at 2:30pm tomorrow, and I'm mostly packed! 


No! said...

Dried fruit -- It's like candy!

Micki said...

Smart to take an emergency food pack. Security is a good thing, you can always bribe the terriorists with your food.

Anne's mom said...

Also worried about my dog, my unattended garden and husband needing instructions on how to run a washing machine!