Saturday, July 30, 2011

My New Lab-mix Puppy, Ellie

Ellie in a moment of calmness
This is my new puppy, Ellie! 

I rescued her from the Humane Society in Harrisburg, PA last Friday.  The Friday before that, I was bored and wanted to do something I hadn't done in awhile, so I took Dan and went to the Humane Society to play with the puppies.  I met Ellie and it was pretty much love at first sight.

She's an 8-month old black Lab mix. Not sure what she's mixed with.  The vet suggested possibly German Shepherd. 

Her hobbies include: biting my ankles (and calves and thighs and forearms, and Dan's ears), chewing Dan's shoes, eating yellow leaves, ripping apart soft things, sleeping by my feet when I'm typing on the computer.

Her dislikes include: sleeping in her crate, fans, the dumpster.

The world's greatest mysteries include: her reflection in various surfaces, like the mirror, the oven, the balcony door, the sides of cars...

I can easily see how this could turn into a blog about Ellie instead of about writing.  I'll try not to let that happen.

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Dan said...

Look at her mountain of shoes back there!