Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Draft of the Daughter Project Manuscript

I finally started the rough draft for The Daughter Project manuscript!

It only took me three months to do it, but I finally started. I now have five single-spaced typed Word document pages.

I only wrote maybe one and a half of those pages today. The rest of the pages are from journals, short stories, and other documents I wrote in the past year. I compiled them and added/subtracted some details to create an intro chapter.

Three cheers for journaling and prewriting! They have made the start of this project easier than anticipated.

All summer I kept telling myself to start writing, and all summer I had excuses for why I couldn’t start. I was too busy with my intensive, five-week summer class. I had to transcribe interviews first. I got a job teaching English composition and had to use all of my free time to create the syllabus and lesson plans. I took a second job as a writing consultant for the forthcoming Dixon Writing Studio. I was just too busy.

HACC York closed on Thursday due to flooding, which gave me an extra full day to myself. I spent the entire day catching up on lesson plans. Friday I continued working on lesson plans and then ate Thai take-out with my mom and watched Practical Magic. Today, though, I spent (wasted?) time catching up on all the feeds in my Google Reader, read a backlog of Twitter and Google+ posts, and created some posts and tweets.
photo by Keerati

I finally ran out of social media upkeep tasks and found myself confronting a blank Word document with the cursor relentlessly pulsing. And then I ate lunch and ran some errands. And then I returned to the computer screen.

And then I struggled through writing a terrible, wordy, clich├ęd first paragraph. Then I tinkered with it, and then I added a few more paragraphs, and first five pages.

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Dan said...

You would probably accomplish more if you didn't have such cute distractions in your home.