Friday, September 23, 2011

Stay at Home Daughters (yikes!)

A new movement called "Stay-at-Home-Daughters" (SAHD) "encourages young women to relinquish higher education and employment outside of the home and devote themselves to their fathers until they become wives and mothers."

Wow.  That's the scariest thing I've heard in a long time.

Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin, two women who are a part of this movement, created to tout this movement and encourage young women to stop being so ambitious.

"The purpose of this site," they write, "is to condone practical, purposeful, productive, dominion-oriented femininity."

No, just wait, it gets worse.

They say that "womanhood dedicated to useless ambition...lead[s] girls to squander their youth."   They don't define what they mean by useless ambition, but it's pretty clear they mean that women have no business going to college or getting jobs because they believe they should just get married and be mothers.

 Some of the articles they write or hope to write include:
  • The dangers of Christian romance novels
  • Ways I help my father with his business
  • Ways I help my father with his ministry
  • Ten ways that Hollywood has tried to destroy me
  • How to encourage and show respect to your brother
  • The ten traps young Christian women can fall into on the Internet
  • From a father: ten things a daughter can do to encourage and delight her father
  • Tips on giving yourself a higher education: recommendations on alternatives to college
Nowhere do they speak of how to encourage or respect their sisters, help their mothers with business or with anything at all.  They do not mention mothers in any context except that all women should strive to be one.

Both of my parents have been such huge advocates of my education...I can't imagine them ever encouraging me to not go to college and so I could stay home and be a delight to my father. I think they would be disappointed if that's the path I chose.

I kind of wish my mom and I could have interviewed one of these women for The Daughter Project...but I'm also thankful we didn't have to.

Scary stuff.  It's like the last several decades of women's rights never happened for these women. I feel sorry for them. What do you think?

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Anne's Mom said...

That sounds like a cult. They must be brainwashed by some religious fanatic.