Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Helicopter Parenting - A Graphic

Effects of over-involved parenting on college-age students and entry-level professionals:

  From Hovering Parents in the Workplace Infographic

My Opinion (the short version):

Sometimes first-year students in college need a little extra guidance, need an advocate to help them navigate the new college world they've thrust themselves into. It's helpful for parents to be involved in a student's college search and make recommendations, especially if they are informed recommendations (i.e. the parent has been to college and knows what it's like).  

I also do not think there's anything wrong with getting guidance from your parents on job applications and resumes.  Again, they have had experience with this process, so why not utilize their knowledge?  But...there's a definite border there that parents shouldn't cross.  Give advice and recommendations...yes.  Make calls to bosses and submit applications for your

Your Thoughts?

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