Friday, January 4, 2013

Currently Reading: Nothing for Fun

For weeks (months?) before the end of the fall 2012 semester, I looked forward to winter break because I'd have time to read many books of my choice, and not just books and student essays that I have to read for work.

And now my break is more than half over and I haven't finished reading any for-fun books yet!  And if you caught my post on New Years Day, you'll know one of my goals is to read more for-fun books.

I read Write Beside Them by Penny Kittle in its entirety, but that's a work-related book to help me incorporate my own writing practice into my teaching of writing.  (I highly recommend this book to any and all writing teachers out there).

I am about 25% through Beautiful & Pointless: A Guide to Modern Poetry by David Orr.  That's not specifically for school, but it's not specifically for-fun either.  I used to be very interested in reading and writing poetry, and then suddenly I wasn't anymore, and it became a foreign language.  I hoped this book would make poetry seem more accessible again.

I am on page 100 of The Shipping News by Annie Proulx.  I'm not getting into this book and I don't understand why.  It's beautifully crafted, the characters are interesting, the situation is unique.  It has all the elements it needs, but I feel like I should be reading something else right now.

Book suggestions, anyone?

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