Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How Playing with Dolls Made Me a Writer

As a kid, I played with dolls, all kinds of dolls: Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids, Pumpkin Patch Babies, non-name-brand dolls, you name it.  Each day of play involved some sort of narrative in which the dolls were the protagonists and antagonists of some elaborate plot. I often wish I had a transcript of these narratives so I could plagiarize myself.

I also read a lot as a kid.  One or both of my parents read stories to me every day.  I also listened to books on tape and books on record.  I even looked at picture books and "read" the pictures.

I like to think it was this combination of doll-play narratives and a large volume of books that aided my love for writing and storytelling.

I thought about this after reading Karen Bender's article in the New York Times called "The Accidental Writer" in which she claims "I became a writer when I was hit on the head with a rock."

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