Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Teaching: My First Online Class

I'm developing my first online class: English 312 Technical Writing at Millersville University.

It starts in 6 days.

The class will have 50 students.

I'm excited to create lessons for an online class, but I also have that nervousness that comes with doing something brand new.

I've been scouring the pages of education journals to learn more about online classes. Faculty Focus, a publication for "Today's Higher Education Professional," recently published some useful articles, such as
Adapting PowerPoint Lectures for Online Delivery: Best Practices and Managing High-Enrollment Online Courses.

Any tips from online instructors or students who have recently taken an online class?


JoyceHostetter said...

Anne, congratulations! You keep exploring new territory. I love that about you.

I've never taken an online class so I don't how to give feedback but I have a friend who does it. If I get any pointers from her I'll pass them on.

Anne Greenawalt said...

Thanks, Joyce!
I guess like face-to-face teaching, teachers of online classes all have their own styles and preferences so I keep hearing different, often contradictory advice.