Friday, February 1, 2013

Currently Reading: Girl with Curious Hair

After spending all summer reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, I thought I'd had my fill of Wallace for the foreseeable future, but I found myself drawn to his multiple volumes of short stories and essays decorating my bookshelves.

I started reading Girl With Curious Hair, and as of now, I am only part way through the first short story which is about a 20-year-old lesbian who dominated on Jeopardy for hundreds of airings until her autistic brother was invited to the show and the producers rigged it with animal questions. Their mother had abandoned them on the side of the road when they were children - the girl was put in foster care and her brother was institutionalized.  The girl sent her Jeopardy earnings to finance her brother's stay in a group home facility.

The story line is interesting.  DFW's writing style is a little dense, but manageable.  I'm curious about the plot lines of the other stories in the collection.

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