Saturday, July 19, 2014

I HAVE Been Writing, Part II

I've been blogging for The MuffinWOW! Women on Writing's blog.  Over the next few days, I will post the titles, teasers, and links to these posts.

Paper, Electronic, and Audiobooks...How to Decide? From 1/11/14

I have over two dozen books on my wish list, and lucky for me, Santa stuffed my stocking with Amazon and Barnes & Noble gift cards. As I perused the booksellers’ web sites, I had to consider the format in which I wanted the book. Do I want to get it as a paperback? New or used? If used, how used would be acceptable to me? Or do I want a hardcover? Maybe I want an e-book, but if so, do I go with the Kindle version, or the Nook (my tablet has apps for both!). The audiobook is another viable option so I can “read” stories while on the go: driving, cooking, cleaning, etc. ...

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