Friday, January 9, 2015

2015 4.4 Mile Great Chesapeake Bay Swim

I am so excited to announce that I was accepted to participate in the 4.4 mile Great Chesapeake Bay Swim on June 14, 2015!

Hundreds of swimmers add their names to a lottery to compete in this race, but only 650 are selected. About 100 people who have swum the race previously were guaranteed a spot this year, leaving 500 spots open for close to 900 swimmers in the general lottery.

I have done a few open water swims in my lifetime, and it is one of my goals to do more of them. Even though I am competitively better at sprints—because of my previous training and body type—I love long distance swims. They let me get into a rhythm and I have time to experience the race and my body. They’re a mental challenge as much as a physical one.

I have never competed in a swimming race this long before. I have done three 5K races in my lifetime:

  • Ocean City, MD when I was a junior in high school
  • Kona, HI when I was a sophomore in college
  • Hazelton, PA last August as an adult

But this race will be nearly a mile and a half longer than any of those races, and it took me weeks to fully physically recover from the race last August because I don’t think I put in enough pool time to prepare.

So now I have motivation to swim at least 3,000 yards two to three times per week (or more if I have the time and energy!).

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