Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Multi-Sport Training Schedule

There are so many athletic events I’d like to participate in this year, like a few swim meets and open water swims, 15K or half marathon trail races, and I have my eye on two sprint triathlons AND maybe an Olympic triathlon at the end of the summer.

Although most of these events aren’t until late spring or summer, I need to start training now. I put together a tentative training schedule (pictured below), which I keep posted on the bulletin board near my computer.

It looks a little ambitious, though, and I have to make sure to have time to, um, go to work once in a while, too, and preferably not fall asleep while I’m there (and I say that because as a teenager doing double swimming and weight workouts a day, I used to struggle to stay awake in my morning classes).

So at least I have a template to work with, and I’ll make adjustments as I go based on how my body feels and my work schedule.

Although I’m attempting to be a multi-sport athlete, I still call myself a swimmer, so swimming and weight workouts will be my priority. I’d love to have the time and energy and motivation to swim five times a week, but I don’t because I don’t want my workouts to get stale and I don’t want to risk a shoulder injury, which I had as a teenager.

What does your training schedule look like this year? What do you do if you have to miss a workout?

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