Thursday, April 9, 2015

Any Sports Anthems by Female Musicians?

Are there any sports anthems by female musicians or bands?

I’ve been searching for a great sports anthem by a female band or musician to pair with the video project I’m creating on why women compete in sports.

My search has turned up dozens of sports anthems (see VH1 and the Bleacher Report’s lists), they’re all by men.

I’m not surprised they’re mostly by men, by why are there not more sports anthems about or by women?

Oh yeah, because the sports world is still dominated by men.

I’ve come up with a few songs that could work for the video, but I’d like your input.

My Top Choices so Far:
1. Roar by Katy Perry

2. Applause by Lady Gaga

...and that’s all that I’ve found so far that seem appropriate. So obviously I need some help!

Please help me compile a list of kick-ass songs by women that would make great sports anthems and aren’t about love or beauty or boys AND don't refer to women as girls or ladies.

Or better yet...write one!

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