Thursday, July 30, 2015

This Is Spartaaaa!: My First Sprint Spartan Race

As an early birthday present, Brian registered us for the Sprint Spartan Race at Blue Mountain Ski Area in Palmerton, PA on July 18.

I thought it was a 5K race with a dozen or so obstacles. But after mile two, when I said, “Only a mile left!” he told me it was a 5 mile race, and there would be at least 20 obstacles. Yay.

The whole course was up and down the ski mountain. The running part through single-track, muddy trails that required some hands-and-knees climbing techniques to get up and down them were my favorite parts. I also liked trusting the traction on my trail shoes and running with long, loose strides down sections of the slopes. Swimming through the reservoir was refreshing. Climbing the nets was a fun, if slow for me, process.

What I didn’t like: the bucket carry, in which we had to fill a bucket with no lid or handle, with rocks and carry it up and down a ski slope. The barbed-wire low crawl wasn’t difficult, but it was soooo long and tedious that it became a low point of the race. The crawl was on gritty, rocky dirt for about 50 yards down and then 50 yards back up the slope. I had massive bruising on my hips and thighs and scratches on my knees and the backs of my shoulders.
The "before" photo. Behind us is the barbed-wire low crawl and the wall climb.
Climbing a ski slope with a 20 lb bag of sand slung across my shoulder. This was nearly an hour into the race. 
Sand bag carry. Men had to carry 30-lb bags.

The wall between the downhill/uphill barbed-wire low crawl. I swear I wasn't trying to kick him!

The wall between the downhill/uphill barbed-wire low crawl.

These photos don't do the SMELL of the water justice. It was like they took the port-a-potties and dumped them here.  Not pictured: the wall in the middle of the sewer pit that we had to swim under. 
Fire pit jump, sans the fire.
Almost at the finish line!  Can you see my dirt beard?
My guy looking a little suicidal and me looking a little maniacal. But we finished!
Definitely glad to do it, and there were a lot of fun moments, though I'm not sure I'm in a rush to do another one!  Maybe in a few years...

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