Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dewey Beach Triathlon: A Race in Photos

A Triathlon in Photos:
Nice, calm morning - perfect water conditions for the race.
I got eaten alive by bugs on the way from the parking lot to the transition area. 
My family set up chairs at the end of the ocean swim.
Walked a half-mile down the beach from the transition area / swimming end point to the race starting line.
Showing off my body marking.
Stepping to the front of the starting line.

35 & under women's heat at the starting line.

Watching the men's heat navigate the first buoy. 

At the end of the swimming leg. Caught up to a lot of the men from the heats in front of me.

Riding back into the transition area.

Made it to the finish line!

Getting instruction to wipe the sea dirt off my face.

2nd place in my age group! Only about 18 seconds behind 1st place. In the top 10 overall women. 

Great race, and such a beautiful day to spend outdoors with family. 

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