Friday, April 1, 2016

Training for the 2016 Spring/Summer Swimming and Triathlon Season

This is roughly what my training schedule has looked like for the past few weeks. There's also usually at least one multi-mile trail hike with the dogs thrown in there. Looking forward to warmer weather to have more swims, bike rides, and runs outside! 

Monday: cycling (on trainer), yoga

Tuesday: pool swim 3-4,000 yards

Wednesday: 4-6 mile run (treadmill), 45 min. TRX

Thursday: pool swim 3-4,000 yards

Friday: yoga or rest

Saturday: cycling (on trainer or spin class)

Sunday: run 4-6 mile (treadmill), 45 min. TRX 

I've been pretty sore, but not injury-sore. Gaining muscle: losing flab on my hips and the backs of my arms and my pants are all tight around my quads. 

my daily workout journal

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