Friday, January 27, 2017

Interview with Beth Lehr: Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor Who Never Stops Learning

About three years ago, after I finished a five-mile run on the treadmill at the West Shore YMCA, I sat in the calisthenics area to stretch my legs while one of the fitness instructors hung straps from the ceiling beside me. I asked if I was in her way.

She said not at all and asked if I had ever done this before. She pointed to the straps. I asked what “this” was.

TRX, she said, and described how it was a full-body strength-training workout using your body weight while performing exercises with the straps.

"You want to try it?” she asked.

Yes I did. And I have been hooked ever since. Beth's a tough trainer, but fun, and has many loyal clients that take her fitness classes religiously.

Somewhere within her schedule of teaching fitness classes and working with personal training clients–and being a mother of three–she talked to me about her experience as an athlete and as a woman dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

Name: Beth Lehr
Occupation: Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor
Sport(s): Softball and the occasional mud run :)
Age: 39

How did you first get interested in competitive sports and physical fitness?

Beth: I've always loved playing sports. I began t-ball with the boys and then that moved into softball. I was hooked. I played for eight years and was on the summer all-star teams most of those years. After high school, college, and three kids I went back. I forgot how much I loved playing in that dirt! I now play on a women's league as often as I can!

Also, after my 3rd child was when I started working out again and feeling great. I went to a boxing class and fell in love. A year later I was an instructor. Five years later I am now a certified master trainer. In between I became certified in TRX, personal training, BARRE, and R.I.P.P.E.D. Once I started, I wanted more. You can never stop learning and I learn new things every day.

What are the sports and activities with which you're currently involved?

Beth: I currently teach 11 classes a week and have about 15 personal training clients. I try to get a few workouts in on my own throughout the week. Everyone thinks teaching all those classes is my workout but really I walk around in most. I'm there to give you a workout, to motivate you. I may demonstrate but you are doing all the work.

What are your short and long term athletic goals?

Beth: Like I said, I am always looking for more, and in this line of work there's always a new trend people want. I try to keep my certifications fresh and bring my people the newest fitness fun.

How would you describe your athletic journey or body?

Beth: I am very proud of what my body has done. I have given birth to three children and feel very happy about the way it looks today. I am going to be 40 this year and I think I look better than I ever had, and feel better than I ever had. I am proud of my healthy lifestyle.

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I conducted this interview as part of the Thigh Flasher Athletes Who Inspire Me Interview Series: I interview women who have inspired me and/or others to lead a fit, healthy, happy, fun lifestyle. If there’s a woman you know who has inspired you to get fit and/or compete in sports, share her story!

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