Friday, February 24, 2017

My Winter/Spring 2017 Training and Race Schedule

2017 Winter/Spring Training Schedule

Monday: strength training, swimming
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: strength training, running
Thursday: swimming
Friday: strength training, running
Saturday: swimming + wildcard
Sunday: running + wildcard

I adjust this depending on weather and how my body feels. I’ll often do double workouts on the weekend, so wildcard could be a spin class, a hike, another run or swim, biking, rock climbing, etc.

2017 Winter/Spring Events Schedule

February 26: Squirrelly Tail – 13.1 mile trail run
March 18: Lucky Charm – 10K road race
April 7 (tentative): US Masters Swimming Colonies Zones – 1650 yards freestyle (for any of you non-swimmers, that's called "the mile")
April 30: Ironmaster’s Challenge – 50K trail run
June 2-3: Ragnar Relay – 200+ mile relay race from Lancaster to Jim Thorpe
June 11: Great Chesapeake Bay Swim – 4.4 mile swim

There are some other open water 5K swims this summer and 15K+ trail runs this fall that I would love to do, but it’s too far in advance to commit to them yet, so this is what I have so far.

So excited for spring training and competitions! Bring on the warm weather and mud.

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