Thursday, May 28, 2020

Interview with Rachel Jenkins: "I Missed the Swimming Community"

Name: Rachel Jenkins
Sports: Swimming, Running
Age: 34
Occupation: Digital Project Manager
Location: from Latrobe, PA

Rachel and I were new to the Mercersburg Academy swim team the same year and lived in the same dorm, and we used to sleepwalk to morning practices together. We reconnected on social media when she returned to swimming on a Master’s team and launched her website The Lane Line: Workouts and Inspiration from a Lifelong Swimmer where she writes articles for Master's swimmers, coaches, and parents of age group swimmers.

How did you begin participation in sports?
I joined a swim team at age 6.

What is you most vivid memory of your sports career?
Army/Navy Swim meets in college. It’s just the most high-energy meet I’ve ever been a part of. It’s such a long-standing tradition at Navy—the Army/Navy match-ups—that to come into it and experience it for yourself is incredible. You feel like you have everyone that ever went to Navy or served in the military in any branch cheering you on.

For more about Rachel’s experience with Army/Navy swim meets, check out this post on her website The Lane Line.

Who are the people who have most supported or influenced your athletic career and how have they influenced or supported you?
My parents have supported my swimming career my whole life. My husband is also a swimmer and so he’s a big motivator. Now that I have kids who swim, I want to be a role model for them—showing them women can be strong athletes at any age.

Why do you continue to participate in sports? Or why have you discontinued participation?
I took a long break from swimming—about 10 years—because I felt burnt out and because my active duty service career didn’t allow me to make a lot of time for working out. I got back into Masters swimming because I loved swimming for me, and I missed the swimming community around me.

What are three words you’d use to describe your athletic body?
Swimmer shoulders/back, muscular, small chested

What are your sports goals and/or what do you foresee happening with your sporting career in the future?
I want to continue to compete in Masters swimming, and I’d like to start doing running and triathlon races. I’m also interested in long distance open water races.

Check out The Lane Line website, on Facebook, or Instagram. Questions for Rachel about her sports career? Please comment below!

This interview is part of the Thigh Flasher Athletes Who Inspire Me Interview Series. Contact me if you’d like to share your story as a sportswoman or nominate another sportswoman who has inspired you to get fit, compete, and or live a healthier lifestyle.

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