Friday, May 22, 2020

Seeking Sportswomen's Stories!

Although most sports facilities and events have been shut down worldwide to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, and many athletes—professional and amateur—haven’t been able to train for competitions in months, the situation does provide the opportunity for athletes to reflect on their sports careers and understand what kind of role sports have played in their lives.  

I’m on a quest to share my competitive sports stories and provide a forum to share other sportswomen's stories, and I’m working on partnerships with like-minded athletes and groups to further this mission. I am seeking people who identify as sportswomen to participate in a short interview to share on my website, social media, your own sites, and in other print and online publications.

If you identify as a sportswoman, please consider sharing your story! You can respond to the questions in this link, or you can send me a message to set up a phone/Zoom interview. Feel free to send this link to other sportswomen you know.

There are still inequalities in the written and spoken communication that mainstream media uses about sportswomen. By sharing sportswomen’s stories in their own words and free of sexist language and images, we can reverse this trend and have more equitable representation. This is a small step towards equity for all women, athletes or not. I also hope existing athletes’ stories inspire more girls and women to participate in sports.

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