Monday, March 15, 2021

THE SHOT: A Novel by Anne Greenawalt

This novel, THE SHOT, has been sitting on my hard drive for seven years. In light of recent world events and the pressure from the government to receive a vaccine – which are themes in this book – I dusted off the manuscript and decided to share it with friends and family. It’s a quick read that I hope will entertain and spark conversations. 


When Sam discovers the government-mandated vaccinations to protect against bio warfare are actually a plot to control the nation’s population, she risks her life and family to expose the government’s secret. 

Sam wants to know why the vaccination – known as The Shot – causes so many side effects, from strange illnesses to temporary sterilization to death. With the help of her student Riley who works at Planned Parenthood and cousin Lana who works in military intelligence, she researches and writes a document about the Shot’s true implications, which she anonymously publishes online with the help of a computer science colleague, Maura. When the website goes viral, the Shot Police search for its creator, which forces Sam to decide whether she will continue to fight against the government’s policies or back down so she can protect herself and all of her supporters, including her husband and infant daughter. 


In 2013, I gave my first-year writing students at HACC this writing prompt: “Should some people not be allowed to have children?” I wrote on the prompt along with my students, which sparked the idea for this story. I received a grant from HACC to attend The Gettysburg Review Conference for Writers in 2013, where I workshopped the original idea for the story. After creating a very messy, disorganized draft, I was selected to attend The Kenyon Review Novel workshop, where I received extensive help in reorganizing and streamlining the plot. 


As I wrote this, I envisioned a trilogy with the next two books following Sam’s daughter’s and granddaughter’s stories through this evolving population-controlled world. 


I will have a limited number of copies that I can give to family, friends, and other book lovers in exchange for posting reviews and/or sharing to diverse networks on social media. Email me for more information. 

Other ways you can support THE SHOT (or support writers in general): 
  • Purchase a copy on Amazon! Available for pre-order until March 31
  • Add the book to your “Want to Read” list on Goodreads
  • Post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, or other book sites. 
  • Share links to reviews or to the book on social media. 

I hope you enjoy the story and join in the conversation sparked by this piece of light speculative fiction!

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