Writing Coach

I have over 10 years of experience as a writing instructor and tutor in higher education, and I have BA and MA degrees in creative writing, an MS in communication studies, and a doctorate in adult education. I also write and critique stories at WOW! Women on Writing.

I specialize in short stories, flash fiction, novels, memoirs, creative non-fiction, academic writing, and essays of all types.

  • Depending on your project and your location, I can work with you in person, by email, or through Zoom video conferencing. 
  • For local clients in or willing to travel to Central PA: In-person consultations take place in public bookstores or caf├ęs such as Barnes & Noble in Camp Hill or Midtown Scholar in Harrisburg. We can arrange other locations depending on your location and preference.
Fees (through June 2022)

1) Pre-writing, brainstorming, outlining, early drafting stages of writing:
  • $70 per hour 
  • Your first one-hour consultation in person or via Zoom includes a critique of 2-3 pages of your writing. This is like a diagnostic test to discover your strengths and weaknesses as a writer and to see where we should focus our attention during consultations.
  • Pay in advance via PayPal to Greenawalt.a@gmail.com or you may pay cash at the in-person consultations.  
2) Drafting, revisions, editing, proofreading stages of writing:
  • During these stages of the writing process, you may opt for $70 per hour consultations (see above) or I can offer feedback via e-mail. 
  • For stories and manuscript fragments 10 pages or less: $7 per page 
  • For stories, manuscript fragments, and full manuscripts: $70 for the first 10 pages, and $2 per page for each page after the first 10.
  • Fees are for documents formatted with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and 1” margins.
  • E-mail feedback includes comments on each page of the manuscript, comments on the manuscript as a whole, answers to follow-up questions about my comments, and publication advice for up to one month after you receive my feedback.
  • Payment is due via PayPal to greenawalt.a@gmail.com at the time you submit your manuscript.
3) Alternative Options
  • If neither option above matches your project and/or your budget, please email me at greenawalt.a@gmail.com and tell me more about your project. We can discuss alternative plans that meet your goals and your budget.  
Deadlinesthe dates by which I can finish critiquing your manuscript and/or the date of our final consultationdepend on the length and scope of your project. We will agree to a deadline prior to the first manuscript critique or first consultation.
I will send a brief contract that outlines our agreed upon terms and conditions. I ask that you sign it and return it prior to your first consultation or critique.
  • Contact me with questions: greenawalt.a@gmail.com 
  • Find more information about me and my qualifications by exploring the other pages of this website 
  • I look forward to working with you!